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hollow core precast roof planks

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Hollowcore planks are used predominantly for floor and roof deck components for various structures including multifamily housing, hotel and condominiums, office buildings, schools and prisons. They typically are cast in widths of 2, 4 and 8 feet, although some precasters offer 10- and 12-ft widths. Six typical depths are.

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27 Aug 2014 . Precast Hollow Core Concrete Planks installed at our House Construction site in Lawrenceville, NJ on July 28, 2014 These 8" & 6" thick, 4' Wide, various Beam.

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22 Dec 2014 . By Gregory Havel. Photo 1 shows a close-up of a truckload of hollow core precast concrete plank being delivered to a construction job site. These plank are 12 inches (30.5 cm) thick and will become part of a floor-ceiling assembly separating two floors of offices. The plank on this truck are of two types:.

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The time and weather delays of on-site forming and curing of poured concrete are eliminated. Hollowcore plank floor and roof slabs are delivered directly to the job site to be erected immediately – even in inclement weather. The hollow cells are space and cost savers as they can be used for heating and air-conditioning.

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Since Nitterhouse produced its first block of concrete back in 1923, we've continued to push innovation to develop an extensive product line through superior engineering and modern technology. Our NiCore? hollow core concrete is a precision-manufactured, precast/prestressed concrete plank produced with.

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Ventilated roof solution -Paroc Air- is a simple and safe solution for making dry flat roofs. PAROC Air keeps the roof structure dry without any mechanical systems. The basis for this simple but effective solution is natural air pressure.

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Hollow Core. A Hollow Core plank is a prefabricated slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors & roofs in residential and commercial applications. The slabs are typically 4 feet wide with standard thicknesses of 8" and 12”. The planks are produced in our plant using an Ultra Span machine.

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Hollowcore plank is used in a wide range of buildings as roof/floor components. The precast concrete slabs are manufactured in standard 48" widths, are available in thickness of 8", 10", 12", & 16", and are cut to length for each project to meet specific building or application needs. Hollowcore plank is frequently used in.

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Using an extruded process, hollow core plank (or hollow core slab) is a plant-manufactured prestressed concrete slab with continuous cores, or voids, which considerably reduces weight (up to 50% compared with a poured-in-place flat slab) and cost. precast hollow core plank concrete Traditionally used for floor, roof and.

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23 Nov 2016 . Extrusion - Hollow Core Slab Planks Panels Roofing Flooring Walls External Walls - Production Video - Duration: 6:40. INDIA PRECAST 43,898 views · 6:40 · Installing Hollow Core Concrete Planks - Duration: 0:56. blacksheep1recon 402 views · 0:56. DELTABEAM - Precast Slim-Floor System - Duration:.

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Primarily used for floors and roof decks, Hollow Core is a precast slab of prestressed concrete designed for greater structural efficiency. Molin Concrete offers two types of Hollow Core plank: Flexicore and Extruded. Our product options give you the design flexibility you need while reducing your lead time.

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The most common floor and roof elements employed are 205 mm deep untopped hollowcore units. These slabs can span up to 9 m or more without intermediate supports. Longer spans can be achieved by using 254 mm or 305 mm deep hollowcore units. For hotels, motels and apartments the hollowcore slabs are oriented.

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Coltman prestressed concrete hollowcore floor and roof slabs comprise hollow and solid concrete flooring units, nominally 1200mm wide and of various depths placed side by side with a grouted joint. Precast concrete floors provide our customers with a quick form of flooring construction, enabling the principal contractor to.

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Hollowcore Units derive their name from the circular voids or cores which run throughout the slab. The units have a smooth finish and maximum capacity of 2.3 kn/sqm over a 16m span. They are available in standard 1200mm widths and in depths of 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 mm. They can be used effectively in all types.