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wood and plastic composite who made

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8 Sep 2011 . One of these “green” composites is wood-plastic composite. In WPCs, biodegradable fibers are used as a replacement for inorganic fibers, such as aramids and glass. The use of wood fibers instead of inorganic fibers make WPCs more energy efficient as it allows for left-over wood products (like wood flour,.

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Composites made with wood and polymer matrix are used for the purpose of obtaining materials with some characteristics of these two resources, such as the appearance of wood and the performance of plastic in a humid area. In general, adding wood to a thermoplastic matrix should provide increased stiffness of the.

Characteristics of wood–fiber plastic composites made of recycled .

The panels were made through air-forming and hot press. The effects of the fiber and coupling agent concentration on tensile, flexural, internal bond properties and water absorption and thickness swelling of wood–fiber plastic composites were studied. The use of maleated polypropylene as coupling agent improved the.

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JELUPLAST? bioplastic makes toys safer. JELUPLAST? is a composite made from wood and plastic that combines the advantages of both materials. The plastic content enables the material to be moulded three-dimensionally and adds elasticity to the toy, while the wood lends it rigidity and strength, increasing its.

Wood Plastic Composite Material Properties & Maintenance

Furnitubes' wood plastic composite is made from between 80 to 90% recycled material. Made from 50% FSC timber offcuts & 50% HDPE, the product maintains a natural wood property whilst also being environmentally friendly, making them a viable and economic alternative to timber. Durable and easy to maintain, wood.