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ppt on plastic composite in application

Wood Plastic Composites An Overview - ppt video online download

Presentation Outline Introduction to Wood Plastic Composites Historical Development Milestones in Commercialization Technology Status Benefits of wood plastic composites Applications Future markets & business opportunities.

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Origin of (Synthetic) Polymers. - Petrochemical Industry. Major applications of polymers. Plastics; Rubbers (or elastomers); Fibers; Surface finishes and protective coatings; Adhesives. some other applications. 6. composites. 7. Ion – exchanges resin. 1. Plastic. Symbols for Properties of Plastics. Gas Barrier. Moisture Barrier.

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Plastics and polymer composites deliver significant weight savings to automakers today, and improve aesthetics, aerodynamic design, and value in many interior and exterior applications. Plastics and polymer composites—particularly fiber-reinforced composites— are also growing as a more competitive option for structural.

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Dear colleague, I produced this presentation to aid with the teaching of materials and their applications and hope that it will help you. Please feel free to .. Task 7. Below, list examples of thermosetting plastics, their properties and where they can be used: Thermosetting plastic Application. Composite materials. One of the.

Wood Plastic Composites An Overview | PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Investigations on ageing of wood-plastic composites for outdoor .

15 Oct 2016 . The successful development of durable wood-plastic composite (WPC) cladding is a challenge for the industry. Due to the organic fibres in the compound it is though doubtable if WPC performs satisfyingly in a fa?ade application which is expected to last 50 years. This paper provides insights from a study to.

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What are wood-plastic composites? plastic composites? Wood-Plastic Composites. Plastic Composites. A technical review of materials, processes and applications. A technical review of materials, processes and applications. The concept of wood- plastics composites. (WPC) generating interest as new methods of.

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Abstract This chapter reviews and discusses the performance and environmental impacts of wood-plastic composites (WPCs) used in a variety of applications ranging from construction and automotive sectors to consumer goods. Performance is considered in terms of fitness for use, manufacturing methods, material compo-.

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New fabrication methods that are much faster and cheaper will be required before PMCs can successfully compete with metals in these applications. Disadvantages of Polymer Matrix Composites. Composite products range from skateboards to components of the space shuttle. The industry can be generally divided into two.

Wood Plastic Composites An Overview

Wood Plastic Composites An Overview. Presentation Outline. Introduction to Wood Plastic Composites; Historical Development; Milestones in Commercialization; Technology Status; Benefits of wood plastic composites; Applications; Future markets & business opportunities. Definition. Wood Plastic Composite ( WPC ).

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ABSTRACT. Disposal of plastics and other solid wastes has been a major problem in Kenya. Most of these wastes can be recycled through various ways and methods to produce new products. Plastics can be combined with sawdust to develop composite materials for applications such as in building. In this project, a.

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Modern composites, or advanced composites are typically fiber reinforced plastics. . Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites, contd. . fastener count when co-cure or co- consolidation is used; Absorb radar microwaves (stealth capability); Thermal expansion close to zero reduces thermal problems in outer space applications.

Plastics and Polymer Composites in Light Vehicles - Plastics Car

and composite per vehicle were used in 2016. Polypropylene, however, is also used in thermoplastics polyolefin elastomers (TPO) and its use in that area is reported separately under rubber. In addition, carbon fiber is utilized to manufacture carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for automotive applications. Average TPO.

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Management driven SME, found in 1995. Specialized in applied development of natural fibre – plastic composite . For indoor application ODOR important – e.g. sisal and kenaf usable. Extruded NFCs are a high . Wood-plastic Composite Deck Boards and Guardrail Systems Guards or Handrails”. ? Construction codes and.

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ModWood? is a Wood Polymer Composite (WPC). ModWood boards . in residential and commercial applications . PLASTIC LUMBER. A wide range of hollow profile wood-finish PVC profiles now offered in USA, Europe and Asia for 'timber lining' indoor and outdoor rooms, supplementing established PVC profiles in.

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6 Sep 2013 . Pluss Polymers now introduces Wood Plastics composites. Feels like wood but with best features of wood and plastics. Made from recycled wood and plastic, it is…