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hollow core floor units

Hollowcore Floor Units - SpanWright

Hollowcore Floor Units used in residential estate project consisting of a selection of single-story, two bedroom detached and semi-detached homes.

Hollowcore – IPHA

Prestressed Hollow core units are IPHA Members and Associate Members are all bound by a common aim to promote the application of prestressed

Hollowcore Flooring | Acheson + Glover Precast

Fire resistance. AG prestressed hollowcore floor units have a minimum one hour fire rating as described in BS EN 1992-1-2. Sound resistance. AG

Hollowcore slabs - Concrete Centre

Floor screeds; Hollowcore slabs. Hollowcore slabs derive their name from the voids or cores which run through the units.


commercial / industrial products for more information please visit our website: bison.co.uk hollow core floors unit profiles 1200mm nominal width

Hollowcore Concrete Flooring - Precast Concrete Solutions

Hollowcore Concrete Flooring. floor slab in 2001 and Spanwright UK now offer a wide variety of reinforced and prestressed hollowcore concrete

Hollowcore | Concrete | Longley Group | Concrete Products

Easy Installation. Installation of the Hollowcore floor planks is straightforward. The units are hoisted into position on the supporting structure

Pre-stressed concrete units | Echo Precast Engineering

Since the 1970's European, American and Japanese laboratories have conducted more than 100 fire tests on pre-stressed hollow core floor units.

Hollowcore Technical Details | Treanor Pujol

All prestressed floor units will have an upward camber. The degree of camber is dependant upon the span and the prestressing force,