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Whether you have new or old decking, garden decking maintenance is essential to keep it in tip top condition. . Garden Decking Care & Maintenance .. Dense hardwood decking boards made from Ipe, Balau, Garapa and other exotic hardwoods are more resistant to wood rot and insect attack than softwood alternatives.

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Tinted wood dressing formulated to protect and treat dense wooden decks, such as Balau and Teak, that do not readily accept a conventional sealer. It is ideal for first time treatment and maintenance of these decks. View Gallery. Typical Application. Decks and decking made from dense woods such as Balau and Teak that.

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Balau is a hardwood originating from Malaysia and is now commonly used all over the world. The timber is naturally very durable and does not accept treatment well. Balau decking boasts a fire rating of Class A – the same as concrete or steel. Acidic reactions occur when the timber is in contact with ferrous metals, which.

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I have what I believe to be balau decking in my place. I was told (by builder who installed it 5 years back and has it himself in the same block of flats wher he lives) that the wood needs no maintenance. It should be allowed to fade - part of the look. I've also been told that using something on it may be a bad.

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Your Yellow Balau deck will benefit from regular cleaning. Brush the deck with a stiff broom to remove dirt and dead leaves, and ensure that the gaps between the boards are clear of organic debris. Clean the deck periodically with Multi Wash by Sansin to remove grime and mildew. Yellow Balau decking can be pressure.

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Regular maintenance is a must for a timber deck; constant use and abuse from weather mean that a timber deck becomes faded and scratched, or even . Start off by cleaning the deck with a high-pressure washer or a hose pipe and soft sweeping brush. . Examples include: Balau, Rhodesian Teak, Garapa and Iroko.

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20 Feb 2013 . Don't get them mixed up or the sealer will disappear right through your pine deck in a day or two or sit like a coating on your balau deck. At least 2 coats are necessary on the first application and because the deck is new, one will need to reseal it about 3 to 4 months later. After the first year this maintenance.

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18 Mar 2018 . YELLOW BALAU DECKING – Shorea laevis Ridl. Yellow Balau has a deep mix of colours, a contemporary profile and is sustainably sourced from South East Asia by Millworks. Often chosen for a classy, clean look that enhances every outdoor area. Yellow Balau is a yellowish-brown, brown,.

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It is easy to maintain and its superb durability are just a few reason why many people choose Yellow Balau Batu for their outdoor structures. Surface checking is possible with this material because it takes a long time to dry completely. It is normally free of blemishes and knots. Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking Caring for.

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We stock carefully selected 19x90mm 1st Grade Reeded Bangkirai Balau decking. Quality is very important . If any movement occurs in Balau decking after installation it has a tendency to lift decking clips. . Following correct installation and periodic maintenance, Balau should provide a very long lasting, beautiful surface.

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15 May 2015 . There seems to be a big misconception that the only options for minimal maintenance decking are composites and PVCs. KAYU Batu (Red Balau) is not only one of the easiest decking materials available to maintain, it will also outlast most of the big name composite and PVC decking brands. Simply sweep.

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19 Mar 2012 . There is little doubt that there is a direct correlation between how well maintained a deck is and its life expectancy, so it's important to make the right maintenance decisions throughout the life of your deck. Regular cleaning with the right products is really important after your deck has been installed and it's.

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To preserve and enhance the beauty of the decking we strongly advise our customers to maintain their Yellow Balau deck on a regular basis with a timber oil preservative such as Cutex CD50 which is designed to penetrate deeply into any species of timber including hardwood to provide water repellency, and assist with.

Red Balau Deck Protection, Restoration and Maintenance

11 Jun 2017 . Red Balau Deck Protection, Restoration & Maintenance. Red Balau is a truly difficult wood species to pin down. It is sold under names such as Nova Batu, Lightning Brand Mahogany, ExoDek Mahogany, Mangaris and Red Balau. The actual species name is called Red Balau and belongs in the Shorea.

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28 Jul 2016 . Our Red Batu or Balau, commonly referred to as “Mahogany”, hardwood decking is sourced only from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustainable forestry practices. This 100% natural, uniquely beautiful, low maintenance decking comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty. Extremely strong and.

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13 Feb 2014 . I have a Balau deck, ridge side up. It's about 2 years old and been treated each year with oil ( last year builder used oil with a tint to increase UV protection which made the wood go quite brown rather than its natural reddy yellow). It is now very grey/brown and tired looking so I've used Ronseal cleaner on.

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28 Dec 2011 . Balau wood is similar to teak in its maintenance requirements. Because this wood is naturally oily, unfinished balau must be oiled regularly. If your balau deck is exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day, the wood can become parched and cracked if you don't oil it at least annually. Sealed balau does.

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11 Feb 2015 . Benefits of Red Balau Decking. It is resistant to wood shrinkage and splintering; It is highly durable and sustainable; Requires low-maintenance; Good quality wood at an affordable price; It can withstand extreme weather conditions; It is resistant to decay, molds and insect attacks; Cannot be easily worn-out.

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I have a newly installed garapa wooden deck around my pool. My installer has encouraged me to let it fade to a silvery grey naturally, since it doesn't require maintenance and the wood is hard enough to withstand this. However, I really love the honey-toned colour of the wood right now. I have been trying.

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21 Jan 2016 . Balau Decking. The South African climate is really good to us in the summertime; it allows one to host and entertain friends and family outdoors. A braai is the perfect setting for outdoor entertainment; therefore, you need a great area for your guests to relax in your garden. A wooden deck is an ideal addition.